What we do

We are creating the next generation Ontology based frameworks, tool-chains, coded workflows and API sets. Ontology-driven software with specific attention to Knowledge Representation and Reasoning allowing systems to deeply understand data, information, and knowledge.
InKnowWorks Corp: Ontology-driven Software Development

InKnowWorks started in 2007 with the original goal to create software in a more efficient manner; to create software that took full advantage of modern approaches in Data Management, Knowledge Representation, Meta-programming, Automated Reasoning and a host of other technologies, methods, idioms and approaches. We understood that a multi-disciplinarian approach to this goal was required; we envisioned a small team of very skilled individuals armed with the right tools to come together to design and build software systems we had only dreamed about creating.

Today we organize our development around the following concepts, models and methods to develop a new breed some software systems that work more closely, more in lock-step with expert user, software architects and developers. We are passionate in implementing the following:

  • Ontology Engineering and Ontology First Design Methodology
  • Direct Knowledge Capture, Acquisition Translation and Mapping
  • Knowledge Model Driven Design
  • Animation and Simulation methods and techniques
  • Hybrid AI methods and techniques
  • Cloud Computing and Microservices
  • Graph Engines and In-memory Knowledge Bases
  • Meta-Metaprogramming
  • Semantic Reasoners
  • Domain-Specific Logic Engines
  • Automated Reasoning
  • Massively Parallel Archetectures
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"The goal of ontology for the realist is not to describe the concepts in people's heads. Rather, ontology is an instrument of science, and the ontologist, like the scientist, is interested in terms or labels or codes - all of which are seen as linguistic entities - only insofar as they represent entities in reality. The goal of ontology is to describe and adequately represent those structures of reality that correspond to the general terms used by scientists."

-- Arp, Robert; Smith, Barry; Spear, Andrew D.
Building Ontologies with Basic Formal Ontology (MIT Press)

InKnowWorks Knowledge Representation and Reasoning & Ontology Compute Stacks

Here at InKnowWorks we are committed to designing and building software that has ROI value and software that cost very little to own; we want to build software systems that are cutting edge, build applications that do what is needed and software systems that are extensible and yet very affordable.

We believe that in order to build such systems major changes to how we think about, design and implement software. We needed to deal with software with input from experts, we needed fewer people involved in building applications and we need for the user to have greater valued input to the design and implementation.

In order to fully realize such a vision of software design and implantation new types of design activities and had to be imagined and materialized; we would need to build new tools, new runtimes and methods of managing complexity. For more than 10 years now we have researched and experimented with techniques and method designed to control and cost and to drive the cost of owning complex and sophisticated systems to zero.

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Core Capabilities

Ontology – Knowledge Representations about domain objects

  • Ontologitcal Reference Models
    • Business Reference Model
    • Data Reference Model
    • Technical Reference Model
    • Performance Reference Model
    • Service Reference Model
    • Others...
  • Full support of OWL version 2 (RDF and OWN plus Custom Extensions)
  • Domain Specific Ontology Editor (Modeling, Simulation and Animation)

Specific Language Processing (Domain Specific Language – DSL)

  • Literate & Functional Programming Techniques
  • DSL Editor
  • Data Taxonomier and Contextualizer - Intelligent Assist Technology designed to empower domain experts with greater fidelity for knowledge visualization and interaction
  • Deep Visualization and Interaction Technologies for Workflow Modelling, Execution and Resource Management. Domain Specific Language Interaction Objects designed for greater user expression and control

Metaprogramming Platform and Framework (This code produces other code from Linguistic Models)

  • Dynamic generation of Thesauri
  • Dynamic generation of Lexicon
  • Dynamic generation of Taxonomy
  • Dynamic generation of Intention
  • Dynamic generation of Expressions and Statements

Advanced SOA

  • Built on gRPC, OpenAPI, and WebApi/OData
  • Stateless design and implementation of Service and Data Contracts and transactions
  • Policy-based Coarse-gain control of Service invocation, interoperation, orchestration and choreography
  • Policy-based control over the workflow enactment model
  • Policy-based Publish/Subscribe model in support for Alerts, Events, Exceptions and General information
  • Parallel distributed stateless transactions

Model, Simulation and Animation of Human Intent

  • OntoMotion - Store the user’s intent
  • Processes designed to facilitate working conversation in the construction of Ontologies t based on the philosophy used to create the ontologies like BFO and IAO

Massively Parallel Architecture

  • Intential Models generating runtime massively pararallel multi-core, multi-threaded code
  • Processes several million triples per second by taking full advantage of today's Multi-core Multi-threaded Architectures
  • Scaling Vertically
  • Optimized ROI - Doing more with less

About Us

We at InKnowWorks develop applications from the “Knowledge-Design-First” disposition; we find it to be an exciting starting point in the design life-cycle of modern applications. We embrace the notion of the “Knowledge-Worker” and that businesses more than ever are empowering SMEs and Domain Experts. We believe that more break-through innovations will come from the hearts and minds of highly-skilled professionals armed with powerful applications and tool that can take advantage of data and information assembled in the “Information-age”; we see, hear and witness every day “Knowledge-workers” doing more on the job using new methods to explore, refine and create value from large and complex legacy data sets.

Our mission is to deliver “Ontology-based” tools and applications designed and implemented via our Ontology Engineering process we call OntoMotion. We strive to engineer high-end, tractable and scalable, future-ready compute environments and applications that take full advantage of Semantic Technologies, Hybrid-Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Desktop UI/UX, and Parallel-Tasking compute technology and environments.

It is the passionate, dogged aim and goal here at InKnowWorks to bring to life a class and type of Systems Analysis & Design, implementation behaviors, heuristics, methods and techniques and tooling to domain and subject-matter-experts; equipped with super-charged, intuitive and powerful tools we embrace the Knowledge-Age and the Knowledge-worker. Here at InKnowWorks we are building an ecosystem of tools and applications that empower and enable the Visual Management of Human Knowledge in a modern computerized machine-to-man model and to create technology that actively assist human-beings to embrace imagining, innovating, creating and sharing.

We embrace complexity, armed with powerful tools to conquer and manage big, massive and complex data, sophisticated workflows and erudite information and knowledge-based systems.

We have taken an inovative fresh look and approach to building applications to the point where the Domain Expert, the SME is in charge of the communicating the what application is, to whom that application must serve and in many cases, how that application goes about getting things done at the business level.

One part of our core technical focus is to design, create and deliver software that is capable of writing software and reduce the pressure dependency of creating APIs that developers would use and maintain while creating an application. We are constantly looking to reduce the cost of software development while delivering a better experience to the user, a much higher quality product and services set; highly responsive and performance apps while doing more with less. We endeavor to generate high fidelity experiences around the UI composition and User Experience of applications we build for our customers and their users.

Our team

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Tavi Truman

CTO, Chief Technology Scientist
Founder of InKnowWorks Corp

Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Lead, Ontology Design Lead Ontology-Driven Software Development Semantic Reasoning and Ontology Development, Graph Data Systems
Designing and writing Semantic Parsers and Reasoners

David Stein

David Stein

Principal Software Engineer

Developing Ontology based technologies; Web, IOT